Louisa's & Millie's Chocolates


Soft, creamy, flavored centers dipped in milk or dark chocolate & topped with a letter for easy flavor finding! Available in  amaretto, banana, banana split, cherry, cherry-vanilla, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, ice cream sundae, lemon, lemon meringue, maple, marshmallow, mint, neopolitan, orange, orange-vanilla, peanut butter, praline, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry-banana and tiramisu.


We make our own caramel from scratch in small batches using fresh cream & butter.  We place a generous dollop of caramel onto a bed of salted nuts.  The final step is hand applied topping of chocolate.

Our turtles are available in pecan, cashew & walnut versions, topped in either milk or dark chocolates.

Creative Confections

We create a variety of specialty chocolates:

Chocolate dipped cherries, orange peel, apricots

Nougats: peppermint, caramel & berry

Marshmallows: plain, peppermint, caramel

Caramels: hand wrapped, chocolate dipped or combined with nougat or marshmallow.

Pretzels: chocolate dipped, caramel, chopped pecans

Non pareils in white, milk & dark chocolates

Barks: cranberry-walnut, biscotti, malted milk crunch, lemon drop, almond, peppermint, oreo, etc.

Peanut butter cups & peanut caramel bites

Coconut Haystacks & Chewy Coconut Chips

Too many to list here! So contact us to see if we have your favorites: 630.515.1630 or sales@lmchocolates.com